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Students who run the newspaper at the high school just put out their first edition of the year. I am guessing they were just a little put out when I told them that they should expect to stick around after school until at least five o’clock for the final edits, proofreading, corrections, cross-checking, and final send off. The final send off comes when they send the completed files to the printer via the internet. But as they attended to their work, really dug down into it, dove for perfection–which is impossible–their tone and the atmosphere in the classroom shifted. As the final corrections were made and re-checked, one after another said how nervous they were, how they wanted to keep checking to make sure everything was just right. And then as the corrected files were saved, the moment came for the send-off, and the…

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Transcript of City Council statement censuring Mayor Cockayne

The six members of the Bristol City Council, unanimously, issued this statement censuring Mayor Ken Cockayne at a special council meeting Sept. 6: Be it resolved that the Bristol City Council hereby censures Mayor Kenneth Cockayne for retaliation as addressed in the Rose Report dated June 28, 2016. Retaliation is defined when an employer takes materially adverse action against an employee who reports what they believe to be unlawful harassment. The standard that this Council is following was recently defined by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission on August 28, 2016 and has been the law in this country for more than a decade. We unanimously find that the conduct described in the Rose Report regarding retaliation violated City policy and is a contradiction to State and Federal law. We expressly find that there is no ambiguity in the threatening and retaliatory statements made by…

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Council deliberates over report implicating mayor

Even though I have not posted as often as I thought I would (I am still trying to figure out the world of social media), I would be remiss to let last night’s city council meeting pass without drawing attention to it. FIRST First, except for opening and adjournment, this meeting was held exclusively in executive session. We will not be privy to the deliberations, but it is important to understand the details or context. The matter at hand for the council is the latest investigation of city hall, this one specifically about the mayor’s behavior. The objective, from what I understand, is how the city council will proceed in light of a report that found the mayor guilty of retaliation and that stated, “Unless he can sincerely recognize the errors involved, a toxin will permeate throughout the City of Bristol, and the City Council will be forced to evaluate…