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Students who run the newspaper at the high school just put out their first edition of the year. I am guessing they were just a little put out when I told them that they should expect to stick around after school until at least five o’clock for the final edits, proofreading, corrections, cross-checking, and final send off. The final send off comes when they send the completed files to the printer via the internet. But as they attended to their work, really dug down into it, dove for perfection–which is impossible–their tone and the atmosphere in the classroom shifted. As the final corrections were made and re-checked, one after another said how nervous they were, how they wanted to keep checking to make sure everything was just right. And then as the corrected files were saved, the moment came for the send-off, and the…

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Bristol musicians a hit in U.K.

Three Bristol natives, two of them living here and one residing in Florida, are in negotiations with a London label to re-release original songs they wrote, performed and produced in the 1970s. Stanley O’Donnell, Dave Watson and John Cyr are talking to Roual Galloway. “He is a collector of old soul songs and albums,” Cyr said about Galloway. “Half of his store is soul music.” On LinkedIn, Galloway is director of Love Vinyl DRS Ltd, London, a start-up. Galloway is also associated with Cordial Records, a retail store. One of the reasons Galloway is interested in O’Donnell and Watson’s music is because they wrote original soul songs that have gained a following in Europe, Cyr added. Cyr represents O’Donnell and Watson, who perform under the stage name Ricky Aaron. All three are friends who began playing together in the 1960s with RBB & Co….

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‘On Being’ features memories of religious leader

Sunday mornings I listen to “On Being with Krista Tippett.” This week she discussed the late Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel with Arnold Eisen, the current chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary. Heschel was a prominent figure in the civil rights movement. Marching along with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., according to Tippett, Heschel said that he felt as he walked along that his legs were praying. I encourage anyone looking for thoughtful discourse to click on the link below and listen to the program. It is an hour long. Here are a few gems from Heschel provided in the conversation: “Some are guilty, but all are responsible.” “We are infatuated with our great technological achievements; we have forgotten the mystery of being, of being alive. We have lost our sense of wonder, our sense of radical amazement at sheer being. We have forgotten…

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Slow news: Yarn work delights

Old Story It’s an old story by now, but a group of volunteers organized by former library employee Mary Klaneski, who since her retirement eight years ago owns and operates New England Yard and Spindle, knitted some fancy and colorful stuff that now decorates and, as Yard and Spindle’s online newsletter announcing the event said, embellishes objects and surfaces at the Bristol Public Library. The effort began with a call from Library Director Debbie Prozzo, Klaneski said. Klaneski got right to it, seeking volunteers and holding regular monthly meetings. That was in April. Outside each library entrance (or exit), the yarn work wraps trees and columns and statues. Inside, shelves and mantles are dotted with yarn of various sizes and designs. The yarn work adds pizazz. Its presence is fun, mostly because, you don’t expect it. Because you don’t expect it, it delights the senses….