Rose report 2 — help write the story

There is not much I can add to what has already been reported about the second Rose report, but there is something we can do together. We can let people know what we find significant about all this. It’s participatory journalism, and it is an attempt for us to come up with a story together, the story that we as readers have to tell each other.

This is what I propose. I have included links to the report, including exhibits, along with the news stories that have appeared up to this time this is posted. This is an opportunity to pinpoint our concerns. In other words, rather than reporters deciding what is significant in all this material, we do.

Send me what you think is most significant. You do this by

  1. if you have already subscribed, leaving a comment;
  2. if you have not subscribed, subscribing and then leaving a comment (you must be subscribed to comment), or
  3. emailing

I am new to all this, so I hope the subscription feature is working. If not, please email.

I figure anyone who reads all this material is invested and is going to have something to say, to point out, to question, conclude. You will have until I have received enough responses to report. (Updated: deadline had been Saturday noon.)  I will then incorporate this information into a report for our readers.

Only commenters who provide their name will have their contributions included in the story. No information from anonymous commenters will be included.


  • Prioritize the information by what you feel is most significant
  • Explain why you think this information is most significant
  • Raise questions about the process
  • Raise questions about what doesn’t appear
  • Point out contradictions
  • Make connections among the documents
  • Make connections to information outside of the documents
  • No gossip
  • No rumors
  • Stick to facts and what has been confirmed or can be confirmed
  • No libelous comments (look up the definition)
  • No opinions


I look forward to your comments. If you like this idea, please share with others who have something to say.

The deadline for the story is whenever I receive enough responses to report back. When the responses come in, I will draft a story and publish it here.

Remember to leave a comment, you need to be subscribed. Otherwise, to leave a comment, email